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Now a day increasing urbanization has lead to various diseases. Changing lifestyle, poor eating habits and increased stress have lowered the immunity. Among many diseases, allergic diseases have also originated in which allergic rhinitis is very common. The change in climate and mental conditions aggravates the symptoms. Sign and symptoms of allergic rhinitis are similar to Vataj pratishaya in Ayurveda. Many treatment algorithm have been mentioned in our samhitas.  But Nasya Karma has been praised as foremost for urdhvajatrugata rogas. In this article a case report of 26 years male patient showing the symptoms vataj pratishyaya has been discussed. Patient was planned for Anu tail nasya for 14 days initially along with oral medication. Anu tail nasya proved effective for improving the symptoms of vataj pratishyaya in the patient.


Vataj pratishyaya allergic rhinitis nasya karma Anu tail

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Arvind DU, Das DDP, Ramakant DD. ROLE OF ANU TAIL NASYA IN PRATISHYAYA WSR TO ALERGIC RHINITIS – A CASE REPORT. Int. j. innov. pharm. sci. res. [Internet]. 2021Aug.2 [cited 2021Oct.23];9(07):1-5. Available from: