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Cluster Headache is a disorder characterized by recurrent, severe headache on the one side of the head, typically begins in morning increases with sun and subsides after  afternoon which is like typical office time . According to Ayurvedic point of view the main symptom of this disease “Shoola” (pain) occurs because of the vitiation of the tridosha. A 40 yrs old male patient with a prior diagnosis of office headache came in shalakya opd of Bundelkhand government Ayurvedic College Jhansi. He was treated with Ayurvedic treatment including Nasya of shadbindu taila, Brahmi Ghruta and Oral medicament including Shirahshooladi vajra rasa, godanti bhasma and sitopladi churna mixture   along with Pathyadi kvatha. Encouraging result was observed with absolute relief from headache and other associated symptoms of the disease.


Office headache suryavarta Ayurvedic management

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Arvind DU, Das DDP, Ramakant DD. MANAGEMENT OF VATIK SHIRASHOOL WSR TO CLUSTER HEADACHE WITH AYURVEDA: A CASE REPORT. Int. j. innov. pharm. sci. res. [Internet]. 2021Aug.2 [cited 2021Oct.23];9(08):25-9. Available from: