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Ayurveda focused on the Nidana or etiological factors for various diseases also described its description of Nidana (hetus) for all the diseases. Viruddha Ahara (incompatible diet) is one of the main causes for all types of Kushtha. It is both Doshaprakopaka and Dhatupradooshaka. Consumption of ahara is essential for the maintenance of the body. The ahara which is taken according to ‘ashta ahara  vidhi vishesha aayatana  ani’ is responsible for healthy life. If a person daily or regularly consumes ahitaahara. This causes shonitadushti and in due course of time it produces ‘Kushtha’. Hence to find out cause and effect relationship between Ahita Ahara Nidana and Kushtha & to create awareness in population regarding faulty diets & dietary habits, this critical review on Aharadravyas mentioned in Kushtha Nidana has been done.


Aharadravyas, Kushtha, viruddhaahara, Kushtha Nidana.

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Avinash S. Radke. CRITICAL REVIEW ON AHARA DRAVYAS MENTIONED IN KUSHTHA NIDANA. Int. j. innov. pharm. sci. res. [Internet]. 2017Sep.15 [cited 2023Jan.30];5(9):90-8. Available from: