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Synthetically prepared drugs are been used effectively in diabetes management. Natural drugs also give a greater scope for therapy. The various plants available in market are been considered and different research works are been done. Diabetes is a dominating disease in the current scenario. Keeping this in mind current work is on the crude plants that have played an effective role in diabetes management since mankind. The following research work gives a detailed study regarding the identification characteristics along with its cost in the local market. They are arranged according to botanical name, vernacular name, local name (Asian) family characterization, crude principles and their role in diabetic treatment. Even the plants belonging to their respective families are been characterized and also the active plant part that has played an important role in giving extracts that show anti diabetic activity are been listed.


Hypoglycemia, Reactive, Market Research, Method, Survey.

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G.Sridhar Rao, Md.Sirajuddin Khan. ANTI DIABETIC PLANT PROFILES: A REVIEW. Int. j. innov. pharm. sci. res. [Internet]. 2013Mar.4 [cited 2023Jun.1];1(3):322-33. Available from: