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The purpose of the study was to prolong the gastric residence time of Repaglinide by designing its floating tablets and to study the influence of natural polymers like Xanthum gum, Guar gum, Boswellia Ovalifoliolata, Anogeissus Pendula on its release rate. Sodium bicarbonate was added as a gas generating agent, produced carbon dioxide in the gastric acidic environment which helped in maintain the buoyancy. The floating matrix controlled release tablets of Repaglinide were prepared by direct compression method. The prepared tablets were evaluated for physical properties, content uniformity, hardness, friability, floating lag time and In vitro drug release. The hardness of all formulations was found to be in the range of 4.0-5.0 kg/cm2. Among all these formulations F3 was the optimized best formulation which has shown better buoyancy time 79sec and drug release 90.67% in 5hrs.


Floating matrix tablets of Repaglinide, Xanthum gum, guar gum, Boswellia Ovalifoliolata, Anogeissus Pendula.

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Mohammed Imran, Shubhrajit Mantry, M.Srujan Kumar. FORMULATION DEVELOPMENT AND INVITRO EVALUATION OF FLOATING MATRIX TABLET OF REPAGLINIDE. Int. j. innov. pharm. sci. res. [Internet]. 2013Mar.8 [cited 2023Jun.1];1(3):334-46. Available from: