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Plants have been active as remedies in various systems for treatments and managements of diseases and ailments in human beings. Although discovery of drugs from medicinal plants continue to provide a key source of new drug leads, several challenges are encountered including the procurement of plants and their selection. This review reveals that wide range of phytochemical compounds have been isolated from different species of Oxalis (Oxalidaceae) plant. Studies revealed that these plant species contain compounds belonging to flavonoids, tannins, phytosterols, phenol, etc which possess anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-cancer anti-ulcer and anti-diabetic activities. Plant biotechnology plays a major role in production of secondary metabolites and for large scale production of compounds. In vitro tissue culture provides the doorstep for biosynthesis of compounds that are important. This article briefly reviews the botanical information, medicinal uses and pharmacological effect of Oxalis plant species. This is an attempt to collect and document information on different species of Oxalis Linn plant and highlight the need for research and growth in near future.


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Pratap Kumar G, Shariff N. PHYTOCHEMICAL CONSTITUENTS AND TRADITIONAL USES OF EMERGING OXALIS SPP., (OXALIDACEAE) AND SECONDARY METABOLITE PRODUCTION: A REVIEW. Int. j. innov. pharm. sci. res. [Internet]. 2021Jan.30 [cited 2021Jul.28];9(01):20-36. Available from: