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Today in mechanical era of 21st century. We are living in a highly sophisticated environment. Everyone is running in a heat of hope, he has no time to rest. Man is using different technologies to achieve his target Computer is one of the most developed technologies which are used in present time by the children, the young and the old. More and more men are sitting in front of computer for longer and longer hours. Because computer is such a highly visually demanding task, but the eyes are still structured according to old
hunting days and are unable to adjust themselves, which lead to discomfort coined as Computer Vision SyndromeModern medicine doesn’t have any definite treatment for the particular problem hence the ayurvedic scholars take it as a challenge to cure it by our
various therapies like tarpana, netra prakshalana, Anjana, Aashyotana, Nasya, Bidalaka and yoga etc. are very helpful


Computer, Computer Vision Syndrome, Tarpana, Netra prakshalana

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Dr. Upadhyay Arvind kumar. MANAGEMENT OF COMPUTER VISION SYNDROME THROUGH AYURVEDIC PRINCIPLE. Int. j. innov. pharm. sci. res. [Internet]. 2018Apr.18 [cited 2023Mar.27];6(4):71-9. Available from: