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This work was carried out in order to identify the chemical families and to evaluate the psychopharmacological and analgesic properties of the aqueous leaf extract of Morinda lucida Benth in rodents (Wistar rats and Balb / c mice). Material and method. Wistar rats weighing 100 to 380 g and male and female Balb / c mice weighing 18 to 32 g were retained. All animals were kept in their natural habitat and cycled. The leaves of Morinda Lucida Benth were harvested in the department of the bowl. The extraction method was masseration. Result and discussion. The analysis of the results shows a variable amount depending on the organ and the différent families. At the level of the aqueous extract of M.L administered per os is well tolerated up to the dose of 1200mg / kg and entails no mortality. M.L's EA at the doses studied does not alter the general behavior and curiosity of animals to touch and sound stimuli. Conclusion. The results of the effects of the EA of leaves of M.L in this study seem to reveal possible psychopharmacological properties, analgesic approaching those of the reference molecules.


phytochemical identification psychopharmacological Morinda lucida

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JB M, LM M, RD MO, Tsiba N, Abena AA. PHYTOCHEMICAL STUDY AND IDENTIFICATION OF PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGICAL PROPERTIES OF THE AQUEOUS EXTRACT OF MORINDA LUCIDA LEAVES. Int. j. innov. pharm. sci. res. [Internet]. 2021Aug.10 [cited 2022Jan.25];8(01):1-13. Available from: