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Raised concerns over the raising caesarean rates. This was a hospital based prospective cross sectional study to identify factors that are influencing woman’s choice of mode of delivery that is either caesarian delivery or vaginal delivery. Pregnant womens, who are attending antenatal checkups in our hospital, were interviewed with a structured questionnaire form, and data was analyzed. 76 responses were analyzed, wherein, 52 women preferred vaginal delivery and 24 women preferred caesarian delivery. The characteristics of women, those who choose caesarian delivery were compared with the women those who choosed vaginal delivery. Age, religion, occupation, and economic status had not influenced a women’s choice of mode of delivery. Factors that are strongly included is educational status, wherein, more educated women were liked to prefer caesarian delivery. Contrast to gravida, para, number of miscarriages or living children had not influenced the mode of delivery. 85% of women, who had previous caesarian delivery, preferred caesarian delivery for this delivery as they were not aware of the option for trial of labour after caesarian. The caesarian rates in private hospitals are partly driven by caesarian delivery on maternal request. Counselling the pregnant women regarding the benefits and the producre of normal vaginal delivery, as well as the risks that are associated with unnecessary caesarian delivery these can influence the patient’s decision-making and can decrease caesarian delivery rates.


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Nouhin S, Reddy DCB, Sucharitha N, Prathyusha G, Ravindra M, Ugandar DRE. FACTORS INFLUENCING WOMEN’S CHOICE OF MODE OF DELIVERY IN RURAL AREAS OF NANDYAL. Int. j. innov. pharm. sci. res. [Internet]. 2021Aug.10 [cited 2022Jan.25];8(01):14-2. Available from: