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Nephrotic Syndrome with infrequent relapse is a most common Glomerular condition that damage cluster of blood vessels in kidneys, this is represented by severe edema, foamy urine, anorexia & proteinuria.In most of the cases it is diagnosed by lipid profile, S.creatnine, BUN, urine analysis & biopsy. Steroids are the initial mainstay of the therapy. A 13 year old male patient admitted to nephrology ward having previous history of nephrotic syndrome with infrequent relapse. The patient was experiencing with Periorbital Odema, abdominal swelling, and facial puffiness. On examination it showed massive urinary protein, low total protein and albumin levels. The patient was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome and was treated with corticosteroids, antibiotics, antacids and multivitamins.


NSIR (Nephrotic syndrome with infrequent relapse) Corticosteroids Kidney biopsy anorexia

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Rahiman S, Goud DE, Nouhin S, Vani DS, Jagadeesh S. A CASE REPORT ON NEPHROTIC SYNDROME WITH INFREQUENT RELAPSE. Int. j. innov. pharm. sci. res. [Internet]. 2021Aug.10 [cited 2022Dec.6];8(01):54-9. Available from: