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In the present work are discussed the actual aspects of the development of methods of standardization of Rheum palmatum roots. During previous studies, we isolated the active ingredients, set dominant components (frangula-emodin, catechin) from roots of Rheum palmatum. In this paper, we describe a qualitative analysis technique developed by us using a Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and the dominant substance – frangula-emodin. For qualitative analysis, optimal conditions of extracting active substances from the roots of Rheum palmatum, were selected and by using a zinc selenide support. New approaches to the standardization of Rheum palmatum roots by the quantitative content of tannins by ultraviolet spectrophotometry using the standard - dominant tannin - catechin at an analytical wavelength of 282±2 nm are proposed. In order to maximize the extraction of tannins from raw materials of Rheum palmatum, optimal conditions were selected - extractant-water, the ratio of raw materials-extractant 1 to 50, the extraction time in a boiling water bath-15 minutes. Ultraviolet spectra of water-alcohol extracts solutions from raw materials, were studied using the Unico 2800 spectrophotometer. The relative degree of the determination of the total tannins in roots of Rheum palmatum in developed method with confidence probability 0,95  is no more than ±7,40%. The content of the total of tannins in roots of Rheum palmatum varied from 21,17% to 24,68%, (calculated on catechin). The proposed methods of standardization of Rheum palmatum roots are simple, accessible and do not require the use of a large number of reagents.


Rheum palmatum L. anthracen derivatives tannins standardization Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy ultraviolet spectrophotometry

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Nikolaevna SK, Alexandrovich KV, Anatolyevna SA, Nikolayevich SA. THE DEVELOPMENT OF NEW APPROACHES OF STANDARDIZATION OF RHEUM PALMATUM ROOTS. Int. j. innov. pharm. sci. res. [Internet]. 2021Aug.11 [cited 2021Nov.28];8(02):1-8. Available from: