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Breast cancer is globally the most common cancer type seen in women and also the one that causes most deaths. Globally, cervical cancer is the second most prevalent cancer and third most common type of cancer after breast and lung cancers among women. The aim and objective of the study was to conduct a survey among the general populations of female and to know the level of knowledge and awareness of Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer among women aged 15 to 55. This study is done by collecting data, containing different questions and then those data was analyzed by using Microsoft excel. In this study 170 women were analyzed regarding the knowledge and awareness of Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer. Women were mostly aged between 15-24 years (51%). Among the 170 women, 100% heard about Breast Cancer, 46% knew family history as the major risk factor, 70% participant had no idea about the signs and symptoms of Breast cancer. Only 4% had knowledge that breast cancer screening is very important. 34% of participant had no knowledge about Breast cancer treatment. 14% heard about Cervical Cancer. 72% thought that infection with a sexual transmitted germ as the major cause. 80% participant had no idea about the signs and symptoms of Cervical Cancer. 44% of the participant had no idea about screening regularly for cervical cancer is important or not. It is found that level of knowledge of Breast Cancer risk factors, symptoms and screening methods was high as compared to Cervical Cancer. So, a little more effort should be given in raising awareness against Cervical Cancer. It is also found that mostly illiterate or those who have not got proper education have lack of knowledge and awareness regarding both the cancers. Thus, more educational programs, conferences, awareness programmers should be designed to provide comprehensive information and awareness on Breast and Cervical Cancer.


Breast Cancer Cervical cancer awareness risk factors mammogram PAP test

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Jui SJ, Nahar K, Tanvir MH, Akter M, Tamanna TA. A STUDY OF AWARENESS OF KNOWLEDGE AND AWARENESS ABOUT BREAST AND CERVICAL CANCER AMONG WOMEN IN BANGLADESH. Int. j. innov. pharm. sci. res. [Internet]. 2021Aug.11 [cited 2022Jan.25];8(02):16-32. Available from: