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Implantable drug delivery devices are devoid of aforementioned limitations associated with oral, intravenous, topical drug administration vis-à-vis subcutaneously implantable drug delivery devices offer one unique advantage of a retrievable mechanism. For incorporation of a variety of therapeutic agents with different physicochemical properties and for better control of drug release, number of excipients is now used. Thus, more recent implants usually contain the drug in a rate controlling systems. These systems are available in a variety of sizes and shapes.


Implant, Risperidone, Excipients, Natural polymers, Synthetic polymers, Hot melt extrusion method.

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H.Parameshwar, Morrey Yogesh, A.V. Jithan. Development Of Biodegradable Sustained Release Implants Using A Novel Technique. Int. j. innov. pharm. sci. res. [Internet]. 2022Oct.13 [cited 2023Jan.30];10(09):1-18. Available from: